Friday, August 7, 2009

So What If Khia....

were to grab some big, sweaty, freaky men from the audience at one of her shows and let them perform cunnilingas on her? Would we laugh it off or would we call her a whore? I'm just using Khia for an example because of her song "My Neck, My Back" which was basically step by step instructions on how to perform oral sex on a female. I remember when that song came out and everyone talked about how "nasty" and "unlady like" she was. Look at the members of 2LiveCrew in those pictures with their old asses still tellin' women to "pop that pussy". Now, to tell the truth, freaky songs don't really press me much, I actually find them kind of humorous. I'm just saying, if a man sleeps with a long list of women, he's a player. If a woman goes out and gets hers with her fair share of men, she's a whore, slut, skeezer, trollup, etc. Is there a double standard? Should there be a double standard?
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