Friday, August 7, 2009


The video you just watched is a prime example of what I like to call "niggertainment". Ohhhh yes, niggertainment. Say it with me white people, Nig-ger-tain-ment. A fucking billion dollar industry, y'all! I mean, think about it. Turn your radio on and switch to your local "hip-hop" channel. Isn't that awful "music" just the most niggerish shit to ever pollute your ears since like 1975 when Blaxplotation was in? I mean damn, Blaxplotation never went that low. But anyway, look how people eat this nigga-shit UP! I can't get mad at the White kids for eating it, hell, they don't LEARN much about our culture in school so how can we possibly blame them for their curiosity. That’s why they eat niggertainment up. They know very little of our culture and they think they can find it in these flashy rappers. They look cool to those kids, so they eat their music up and dress like them. That’s their representation of our culture. Can you dig that? Plies is a representation of our culture. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't dig that very much.

Now Back to the Subject:
The above video was brought to my attention by one of my YouTube subscribers. She let me know of the video's existence and suggested that I watch the video and respond with my own video. I put the video on my "to-do" list and continued to surf the web. It wasn't until I went to that I actually watched the video and BABY! I am beyond disgusted. My feelings are simply hurt. I viewed the video in utter disbelief with one of my older sisters and simply dropped my heavy head in shame. I say that my head was "heavy" because that’s exactly how it felt, heavy with shame and disappointment. The actions of these women were barbaric and beastly. Only beast can enter someone’s place of business and humiliate them over simple gossip. Only beast can punch, slap, choke, and kick a woman who is not even attempting to fight them back. Instead of stooping to their extremely low level, this woman wanted to talk and reason with these beasts. But, what she doesn't understand is that beast cannot be reasoned with. They can only be prosecuted. This woman was a victim of her environment and of ignorance. Her abuse was videotaped and used for niggertainment purposes. smh


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